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Marzenna JAKUBCZAK (Pedagogical University of Cracow) ORCID

Wojciech HANUSZKIEWICZ (Pedagogical University of Cracow)

Andrzej DĄBROWSKI (Pedagogical University of Cracow)

Andrzej SERAFIN (Pedagogical University of Cracow)

Katarzyna HAREMSKA (Pedagogical University of Cracow)
Joanna KOMOROWSKA (The Cardinal Wyszyński University in Warsaw)
Agnieszka ROSTALSKA (Leiden University, Netherlands)
Anna SZKLARSKA (Pedagogical University of Cracow)
Paweł SZNAJDER (Pedagogical University of Cracow)
Jan WAWRZYNIAK (Pedagogical University of Cracow)
Paweł WÓJS (Pedagogical University of Cracow)

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Pedagogical University of Cracow
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Frequency: We publish two issues per year. The leading themes of the future volumes are announced successively online.

Distribution: The texts accepted by the Editors of the journal are published both online and in print, however, the electronic form is considered as the reference version. Any questions concerning the archived issues may be addressed to the Editors.

Languages: We accept papers in Polish, English, German, and French.

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Verification of German: Isabel RÖSKAU-RYDEL (1/2; 3/1-2).

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Department of Philosophy and Sociology

ISSN 20841043 (online) reference version

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